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Congratulations to you on your WONDERFUL new book. I sat up all night reading. I just couldn’t put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed reading how Drexell and Honeybee’s came about.”

L.R Ramaswamy


‘The Busy Bees’ tells the story of this Alabama Donations Only Restaurant. It tells of the journey it took to get here, the sacrifices required to make a dream come true, and encourages the dreamers to follow their dreams for the sake of those they will serve.

Living Fulfilled: The Infectious Joy of Serving Others is Lisa Thomas-McMillan’s inspirational memoir about helping the plight of America’s hungry that is equal parts harrowing and uplifting. With a decidedly spiritual message, she tells of her life growing up impoverished in Alabama, settling down in Los Angeles, then traveling back to her hometown to help the plight of the poor.

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Help Drexell and Honeybees Donations Only Restaurant raise funds to help others with just $1. By clicking the link below you can download our theme song to enjoy anytime and help us feed the need.

We also want to honor and thank Maximiliano Nealon for writing this song about our work, and being kind enough to allow the proceeds of the song to go to supporting our restaurant. Be sure to follow him, and support his work!

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